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Anti-Slip Grip Stair Tread

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  • Anti-Slip Stair Tread is a stair protector to ensure safety underfoot
  • Each stair tread will cover the ensure step area incorporating a yellow nosing which meets the current Equality Act Requirements
  • Applications where this product can be installed vary from Education, Healthcare facilities, shopping centres, factory steps, external fire exit areas etc. 
  • The Anti-Slip-Grip Stair treads have been slip tested to DIN 51130 – R13 – Low Slip Potential 
  • Easy to install, can either be mechanically fixed or glued down with an adhesive
  • If required, the Anti-Slip-Grip sheets, 5mm thick, can match up to the Anti-Slip-Grip Stair Treads
  • This product can operate in temperatures which vary from -50°C to +90°C

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  • Material – GRP
  • Product Height – 5 mm
  • Operating temperature – -50°C to +90°C
  • Environmental Resistance – Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments
  • Typical Applications – External steps
  • Installation Method – Bond or screw to surface
  • Cleaning method – Almost maintenance free in most outside environments. Natural elements will have the effect of cleaning. Brushing and flushing with a mild detergent solution may be desirable now and again to restore appearance.
  • Country of Origin – China
  • Slip tested to DIN 51130



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3m X 345mm X 55mm, 1.5m X 345mm X 55mm, 1m X 345mm X 55mm, 2m X 345mm X 55mm


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