Social Distancing Products

Social distancing is a term we have come to terms with since March 2020 and it essentially is steps you can take to reduce social interaction between people. This reduction in social interaction will help reduce the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19). A number of our products have been designed to remind people to socially distance from one another so explore our range of products from mats, tapes and screens. 

  • Hazardous tape roll on white background

    Hazard Warning Tape

    £9.99 Select options
  • Green 'please stay 2 metres apart' mat in cafeteria

    Social Distancing Floor Mat – Schools

    £44.99 inc. VAT Add to basket
  • Blue and orange 'friends state 2 metres apart' mat around classroom chairs

    Social Distancing Floor Mat – Schools (Blue)

    £44.99 inc. VAT Add to basket
  • Liquid being poured on a Hygienic Floor Mat

    Hygienic Floor Mat

    £49.99 inc. VAT Add to basket
  • Man standing next to Blue Please Wait Here Mat

    Please Wait Here – Mat (Pack of 2)

    £53.49 inc. VAT Add to basket
  • Man standing next to a footprint floor mat

    Footprints – Mat (Pack of 2)

    £53.49 inc. VAT Add to basket
  • Man standing next to Please Respect Distancing Mat

    Please Respect Distancing – Mat (Pack of 2)

    £53.49 inc. VAT Add to basket
  • Please Wash Your Hands Mat on white background

    Please Wash Your Hands – Mat (Pack of 2)

    £53.49 inc. VAT Add to basket
  • Please sanitise your hands mat on white background

    Please Sanitise Your Hands – Mat (Pack of 2)

    £53.49 inc. VAT Add to basket
  • Respect distancing & please wait here mat on white background

    Please Respect & Wait – Mat (Pack of 2)

    £53.49 inc. VAT Add to basket
  • man standing next to 'stop and keep your distance' mat

    Stop And Keep Your Distance – Mat (Pack of 2)

    £53.49 inc. VAT Add to basket
  • Woman following the direction of a one way arrow mat in supermarket

    One Way Arrow – Mat (Pack of 2)

    £53.49 inc. VAT Add to basket
  • Sale! Blue Footprints Social Distancing Floor Mat Alone

    Social Distancing Floor Mat – Footprints

    £44.99 inc. VAT £37.99 inc. VAT Select options
  • Sale! Blue People Social Distancing Floor Mat alone

    Social Distancing Floor Mat – People

    £44.99 inc. VAT £37.99 inc. VAT Select options
  • Women talking between a safety screen

    Safety Screen (Frontal Screen)

    From: £94.99 Select options
  • conversation between man and woman behind a safety screen

    Safety Screen (L Shape Screen)

    From: £174.99 Select options
  • Children in school working on desks behind a safety screen

    Safety Screen (U Shape Screen)

    From: £199.99 Select options

Social Distancing Blogs

What are the benefits of social distancing products?

While there are a huge number of benefits to our social distancing products, including acting as a reminder to users and actually helping to increase business by assisting with reducing the spread of airborne viruses…


What is social distancing?

Social distancing. Probably the two most used words in 2020, and, social distancing isn’t going anywhere just yet. It’s not common that you can say the world has changed due to one event, but Covid-19 has done just that…


What social distancing products do we have in our range?

You should buy your social distancing products from Matting Solutions as we have a wide range of products available to help increase the safety in your environment…


Where can social distancing products be used?

The use of Social Distancing products has become critical for the U.K since COVID-19 hit us back in March 2020. Social distancing products will help enable any business to protect…


What is Social Distancing?

Social distancing, something many will have never considered prior to 2020, has become one of the most well-known phrases used and is now part of our everyday life. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Matting Solutions was established, with the focus being how could we help local businesses allow employees to return to work safely, children to return to school with their friends safely, or allow grassroots sports clubs to return to what they love. 

But what is social distancing? Social distancing is a public health practice that aims at reducing physical contact with others, in order to limit the opportunities for the spread of contagious diseases, such as Covid-19. The concept means keeping a safe distance from others in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Following the global pandemic caused by Covid-19, the government introduced various measures related to social distancing, with a key message being to keep a 2metre distance from others whenever possible.

Social distancing can include large-scale measures, such as cancelling group events or closing public spaces, as well as individual decisions, such as staying at home or following signs or hazard tapes to ensure a safe distance from others. Whatever form of social distancing you are practicing, our social distancing range is here to help you ensure that you are following the guidelines and keeping yourself and those around you safe, while returning to a more normal way of life. 

What Social Distancing Products are in our range and why should you buy from Matting Solutions?

Matting Solutions has a wide variety of social distancing products available to help our customers get back to a more normal way of life as quickly as possible following the restrictions imposed by governments as a result of Covid-19, from mats specifically designed for schools and colleagues, to safety screens created to protect both employees and consumers from airborne contamination. 

Covid-19 has meant that we can no longer operate without some of these social distancing products and at Matting Solutions we can ensure that you are fully equipped to ensure all staff, customers, employees, students and visitors are reminded to keep a safe distance from each other at all times, and feel safer in your premises, ultimately reducing the spread of germs and viruses, such as Covid-19.

Products in our social distancing range include mats that have been specifically designed for public buildings, including supermarkets, colleges, universities and offices, hazard warning tapes, line marking paints (each in a variety of different colours) and safety screens. 

As well as the high quality of the products on offer and wide range, as with all products Matting Solutions offers fast delivery (estimated at 3-5 working days from order), no hidden costs (VAT included in all prices) and FREE delivery on all orders. Finally, a further 10% off when you sign up to our newsletter!

Where can Social Distancing Products be used?

Before March 2020 you may have never considered purchasing social distancing products for your workplace, however these products have now become a way of life and are likely to be around and required in many public places for years to come! 

Social distancing products can be used in most environments, with the aim of assisting businesses and public places to protect employees, visitors, customers and the general public. 

Our products vary from social distancing mats, which are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes and include options such as disinfectant entrance mats, to safety screens (or “sneeze screens”), which are incredibly simple and easy to install. As well as the variety of products available, the options of where those products can be used is vast, across all different industries such as hospitality, healthcare, commercial and education and all different types of venues and buildings, from shops and restaurants to schools and nurseries. 

What are the benefits of our Social Distancing Products?

Social distancing products bring many benefits to the public and businesses, ranging from acting as a reminder to users and actually helping to increase business (as customers are now more aware of precautions businesses are taking to protect them), however as the key way airborne viruses, such as Covid-19, are spread is through the transition of human droplets in the air, it is evident that the key benefit of the social distancing products available at Matting Solutions is to reduce the spread of those viruses and therefore ultimately allow our customers to continue operating in the ways they would like to, while protecting their customers. 

Public places, such as supermarkets and public transport, are often high risk areas for the spread of viruses, allowing it to spread much more quickly and easily, however our social distancing products can immensely reduce this risk and allow everyone to carry on with their lives as they knew it.

The Covid-19 pandemic has introduced many challenges for our customers, however those who understand the benefits of our social distancing will be able to collectively assist the country in the efforts to reduce cases and ensure they do not creep up again as restrictions are lifted, and also to ensure that we are able to continue moving forward, safely. 

Whilst many countries have been through a ‘lockdown’, with socialising strictly prohibited, many industries continue to function, such as healthcare, supermarkets, transport and many more. Social distancing is one of the best ways to help reduce the risk of the virus spreading from contact or coughing and sneezing. We have many social distancing products that can act as a great reminder to your staff, customers and any other members of the public, that they need to keep a safe distance between each other for their own safety and to reduce the risk of spreading this virus. Explore our range of social distancing products to remind people of keeping a safe distance during these times.