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What is social distancing?

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What is social distancing?

Main reasons for why we social distance

Social distancing. Probably the two most used words in 2020, and, social distancing isn’t going anywhere just yet. It’s not common that you can say the world has changed due to one event, but Covid-19 has done just that.

So what is social distancing? It’s basically allowing society to return to life (not as we previously know it) as safe as possible, reducing the spread of Covid-19 by reducing person to person contact made in society.

Covid-19 was the cause of Matting Solutions Ltd being founded. How could we return to life as we previously knew it? How could we help local businesses allow employees return to work safely? How could we allow children to return to school? How could we allow grassroots sports clubs to reopen safely? You probably guessed it, we sourced suppliers to provide us with high quality, durable and practical social distancing products that could allow all of the above to happen.

Best selling social distancing product

Our best selling social distancing product has been the safety screen. This product is completely flexible to where it can be used; office environment, school classroom, checkout, waiting rooms…. the list goes on. Quick and easy to install, and providing an economic Covid-19 solution, the clear plastic screen allows you to communicate easily and minimises disruption. The screens are completely 100% recyclable, easy to clean and provide the ultimate solution for social distancing.

Purposes of our social distancing mats

The social distancing floor mat has also been a hit and continues to be bought in large numbers as businesses anticipate a return to restrictions easing with social distancing being maintained. This sleek, 2m long mat is ideal for shop and business owners where queuing is expected. A neat rimmed mat which encourages clients & customers to adhere to social distancing regulations will put everyone at a sense of ease at a return to normal. 

Everyone’s favourite, the safety hazard warning tape. It’s a cheap, ideal solution to mark out areas which promote social distancing in all settings! Available in a huge variety of colours, and backed with an extremely sticky self adhesive which you can quickly mark lines on the floor without the worry you will be using the tape again 24 hours later!


I know you are probably thinking, what’s the point of a social distancing product when life is due to return to normal on June 21st 2021….. let’s be serious. Social distancing and mask wearing are here for the long term, a third wave is highly expected in the UK with many predicting a fourth lockdown over the festive period 2021/22. Shop today and purchase our high quality durable social distancing products.

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Where can Social Distancing Products be used?

Where can social distancing products be used?

The purpose of social distancing products

The use of Social Distancing products has become critical for the U.K since COVID-19 hit us back in March 2020. Social distancing products will help enable any business to protect, not only their visitors/customers, but their own employees. Social distancing products can be used in any industry such as: hospitality, healthcare, commercial, education- the list goes on!

Reminding people to keep a social distancing from one another

We have social distancing mats which have been designed to help remind the public of the 2m distancing rule that is recommended for us to achieve, where possible as per the Government guidelines. The Social distancing mats are perfect to use in areas where customers may be queuing in a shop, employees working in a warehouse together or in a school and trying to remind pupils to keep their distancing from one another.

Social distancing mats

The social distancing mats are available in the 2m length meaning it is an efficient solution to lay in areas to enforce social distancing. The positives of using the mats rather than the tapes is that the social distancing mats will last much longer, tapes generally start to curl up over a period of time. The social distancing mats can also be picked up and deployed into other areas where required. The social distancing mats have a vinyl backing helping it stay in place accompanied by a PVC ramped diminishing strip ensuring they are not a trip hazard.

Our range of social distancing products

Our vast variety of Social distancing products range from social distancing mats (we have different sizes and prints available!), to disinfectant Hygienic Floor Mats, Safety Screens and Hazard Warning Tapes. 

Safety Screens

The safety screens are unique as they are manufactured from a flexible PVC material meaning they are very simple to install and can accommodate most sized desks! They are installed using a very strong magnet meaning that in the future, they can be disposed of very easily and no damage done to the furniture.

Contact us

If you have any questions about what social distancing products would be ideal for your environment or need some help ordering then please don’t hesitate to contact us and our specialist team would be happy to assist you. 

Man standing at a desk next to a blue social distancing mat

What social distancing products are in our range?

What social distancing products are in our range?

Wide range of social distancing products

You should buy your social distancing products from Matting Solutions as we have a wide range of products available to help increase the safety in your environment. With our social distancing products reminding your staff, employees and other stakeholders to keep a safe distance from each other, this can reduce the spread of germs and viruses, especially Covid-19 a virus that can not be ignored, especially during these times.

Social distancing products designed for different locations

In our social distancing product range we have mats specifically designed for nurseries, schools, colleges, universities, offices, workplaces and public buildings. Each mat has been designed to meet the needs of each age group to help remind them to remain at a social distance from each other. For example the Social Distancing Floor Mat – Schools (Blue), Social Distancing Floor Mat – Schools (Green) and Social Distancing Floor Mat – People (Blue). Additionally, with most supermarkets, restaurants and public areas enforcing a one-way system, we have specific mats that have footprints and arrows to show people the correct way of travel including the One Way Arrow Mat, Footprint Mat and Social Distancing Floor Mat. We have a wide variety of social distancing mats that would suit your stakeholders, environment and needs. 

Social distancing mats that give an action

Additionally in our range we have mats that give the user an action. These loose lay floor mats can be placed anywhere and they give an action to the person that comes close to the mat, for example please respect social distancing, please wait here, please sanitise or wash your hands. These mats can be great around offices and public areas to remind people of being safe when there isn’t someone to enforce the social distancing rules. 

Tapes and Paints

We also have products in our range that aren’t mats but that can help your pupils, employees, customers and other key stakeholders remain at a social distance from one another. These include products such as Hazard Warning Tape and Line Marking Paint which both come in a wide variety of colours and the paint comes in temporary, semi-permanent and permanent versions, which can be applied to walls or floors to remind people to keep a safe distance from one another. 

Safety Screens

Safety Screens are also available within our range to protect employees, customers and people from airborne contamination. This product is simple to assemble and quick to install with magnetic and adhesive pads this screen will pop up in seconds. With flexible plastic our Safety Screens can fit any desk or surrounding which is why many offices, receptions, restaurants, schools and more have chosen to buy from us. 

You should buy your products from Matting Solutions as we have a huge stockholding of products so your delivery will be extremely fast with an estimate of 3 – 5 working days. Also the price you see is the price you pay, no additional costs when you get to the checkout as VAT is included and we have FREE delivery on all orders. 

You will also be extremely happy with the quality of the whole range of our social distancing products and you can also receive 10% off if you sign up to our newsletter. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or questions. 


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What are the benefits of social distancing products?

What are the benefits of Social-Distancing Products?

Social distancing is vital to decreasing the rate of infection

While there are a huge number of benefits to our social distancing products, including acting as a reminder to users and actually helping to increase business (as customers are now more aware of precautions businesses are taking to protect them), the key benefit is assisting with reducing the spread of airborne viruses, such as Covid-19. The UK continues with its plans to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic, and when restrictions can be eased, such as non-essentials retail reopening, social distancing is a vital way to ensure the number of cases does not increase, in order to continue moving forward with the government’s strategy safely.

Where is Covid-19 spreading?

In places such as supermarkets, retail and public transport the number of people inside an enclosed area are often high, and therefore the spread of the virus can occur more quickly and easily, if one person is already infected. This is not to scare you from ever going on a bus again, however, as we have a solution, let’s look at the science behind our matting. 

Maintaining a safe physical distance from one another

As referenced above, the main purpose of the social distancing products we offer at #MattingSolutions is that they act as reminders to the users to keep a safe distance from other people, which as we are all now aware, has a number of essential benefits to helping to limit the spread of Covid-19. 

The way the virus is spread is through the transition of human droplets, released through actions such as sneezing, coughing and general close contact, as this is an airborne infection. Maintaining a safe physical distance from others limits the spread of these human droplets, due to the droplets having to travel further to infect the other individuals, therefore minimising the likelihood of contracting Covid-19 and other infections which are airborne. 

Social distancing at 2m in the UK

There have been many investigations to find the safest social boundaries, and different countries use different guidelines, although the UK has chosen to keep social distancing at 2m, as this is much safer than 1m or 1.5m. Scientists in the UK based this guidance on the fact that the spread of droplets is increased when an infected person is only 1m away from others, compared to 2m, by up to 10 times. This is why the our matting is 2m long, to emphasise the important message, further helping to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and other airborne infectious diseases.

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If you would like to find out more about any of our social distancing products then please don’t hesitate to contact us, our friendly team will help find the right solutions for you. Please do not forget we offer a free delivery on all of social distancing range.