Where can social distancing products be used?

The purpose of social distancing products

The use of Social Distancing products has become critical for the U.K since COVID-19 hit us back in March 2020. Social distancing products will help enable any business to protect, not only their visitors/customers, but their own employees. Social distancing products can be used in any industry such as: hospitality, healthcare, commercial, education- the list goes on!

Reminding people to keep a social distancing from one another

We have social distancing mats which have been designed to help remind the public of the 2m distancing rule that is recommended for us to achieve, where possible as per the Government guidelines. The Social distancing mats are perfect to use in areas where customers may be queuing in a shop, employees working in a warehouse together or in a school and trying to remind pupils to keep their distancing from one another.

Social distancing mats

The social distancing mats are available in the 2m length meaning it is an efficient solution to lay in areas to enforce social distancing. The positives of using the mats rather than the tapes is that the social distancing mats will last much longer, tapes generally start to curl up over a period of time. The social distancing mats can also be picked up and deployed into other areas where required. The social distancing mats have a vinyl backing helping it stay in place accompanied by a PVC ramped diminishing strip ensuring they are not a trip hazard.

Our range of social distancing products

Our vast variety of Social distancing products range from social distancing mats (we have different sizes and prints available!), to disinfectant Hygienic Floor Mats, Safety Screens and Hazard Warning Tapes. 

Safety Screens

The safety screens are unique as they are manufactured from a flexible PVC material meaning they are very simple to install and can accommodate most sized desks! They are installed using a very strong magnet meaning that in the future, they can be disposed of very easily and no damage done to the furniture.

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