What social distancing products are in our range?

Wide range of social distancing products

You should buy your social distancing products from Matting Solutions as we have a wide range of products available to help increase the safety in your environment. With our social distancing products reminding your staff, employees and other stakeholders to keep a safe distance from each other, this can reduce the spread of germs and viruses, especially Covid-19 a virus that can not be ignored, especially during these times.

Social distancing products designed for different locations

In our social distancing product range we have mats specifically designed for nurseries, schools, colleges, universities, offices, workplaces and public buildings. Each mat has been designed to meet the needs of each age group to help remind them to remain at a social distance from each other. For example the Social Distancing Floor Mat – Schools (Blue), Social Distancing Floor Mat – Schools (Green) and Social Distancing Floor Mat – People (Blue). Additionally, with most supermarkets, restaurants and public areas enforcing a one-way system, we have specific mats that have footprints and arrows to show people the correct way of travel including the One Way Arrow Mat, Footprint Mat and Social Distancing Floor Mat. We have a wide variety of social distancing mats that would suit your stakeholders, environment and needs. 

Social distancing mats that give an action

Additionally in our range we have mats that give the user an action. These loose lay floor mats can be placed anywhere and they give an action to the person that comes close to the mat, for example please respect social distancing, please wait here, please sanitise or wash your hands. These mats can be great around offices and public areas to remind people of being safe when there isn’t someone to enforce the social distancing rules. 

Tapes and Paints

We also have products in our range that aren’t mats but that can help your pupils, employees, customers and other key stakeholders remain at a social distance from one another. These include products such as Hazard Warning Tape and Line Marking Paint which both come in a wide variety of colours and the paint comes in temporary, semi-permanent and permanent versions, which can be applied to walls or floors to remind people to keep a safe distance from one another. 

Safety Screens

Safety Screens are also available within our range to protect employees, customers and people from airborne contamination. This product is simple to assemble and quick to install with magnetic and adhesive pads this screen will pop up in seconds. With flexible plastic our Safety Screens can fit any desk or surrounding which is why many offices, receptions, restaurants, schools and more have chosen to buy from us. 

You should buy your products from Matting Solutions as we have a huge stockholding of products so your delivery will be extremely fast with an estimate of 3 – 5 working days. Also the price you see is the price you pay, no additional costs when you get to the checkout as VAT is included and we have FREE delivery on all orders. 

You will also be extremely happy with the quality of the whole range of our social distancing products and you can also receive 10% off if you sign up to our newsletter. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or questions.