What is social distancing?

Main reasons for why we social distance

Social distancing. Probably the two most used words in 2020, and, social distancing isn’t going anywhere just yet. It’s not common that you can say the world has changed due to one event, but Covid-19 has done just that.

So what is social distancing? It’s basically allowing society to return to life (not as we previously know it) as safe as possible, reducing the spread of Covid-19 by reducing person to person contact made in society.

Covid-19 was the cause of Matting Solutions Ltd being founded. How could we return to life as we previously knew it? How could we help local businesses allow employees return to work safely? How could we allow children to return to school? How could we allow grassroots sports clubs to reopen safely? You probably guessed it, we sourced suppliers to provide us with high quality, durable and practical social distancing products that could allow all of the above to happen.

Our best selling social distancing product

Our best selling social distancing product has been the safety screen. This product is completely flexible to where it can be used; office environment, school classroom, checkout, waiting rooms…. the list goes on. Quick and easy to install, and providing an economic Covid-19 solution, the clear plastic screen allows you to communicate easily and minimises disruption. The screens are completely 100% recyclable, easy to clean and provide the ultimate solution for social distancing.

Purposes of our social distancing mats

The social distancing floor mat has also been a hit and continues to be bought in large numbers as businesses anticipate a return to restrictions easing with social distancing being maintained. This sleek, 2m long mat is ideal for shop and business owners where queuing is expected. A neat rimmed mat which encourages clients & customers to adhere to social distancing regulations will put everyone at a sense of ease at a return to normal. 

Everyone’s favourite, the safety hazard warning tape. It’s a cheap, ideal solution to mark out areas which promote social distancing in all settings! Available in a huge variety of colours, and backed with an extremely sticky self adhesive which you can quickly mark lines on the floor without the worry you will be using the tape again 24 hours later!


I know you are probably thinking, what’s the point of a social distancing product when life is due to return to normal on June 21st 2021….. let’s be serious. Social distancing and mask wearing are here for the long term, a third wave is highly expected in the UK with many predicting a fourth lockdown over the festive period 2021/22. Shop today and purchase our high quality durable social distancing products.