What are the benefits of Social-Distancing Products?

Social distancing is vital to decreasing the rate of infection

While there are a huge number of benefits to our social distancing products, including acting as a reminder to users and actually helping to increase business (as customers are now more aware of precautions businesses are taking to protect them), the key benefit is assisting with reducing the spread of airborne viruses, such as Covid-19. The UK continues with its plans to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic, and when restrictions can be eased, such as non-essentials retail reopening, social distancing is a vital way to ensure the number of cases does not increase, in order to continue moving forward with the government’s strategy safely.

Where is Covid-19 spreading?

In places such as supermarkets, retail and public transport the number of people inside an enclosed area are often high, and therefore the spread of the virus can occur more quickly and easily, if one person is already infected. This is not to scare you from ever going on a bus again, however, as we have a solution, let’s look at the science behind our matting. 

Maintaining a safe physical distance from one another

As referenced above, the main purpose of the social distancing products we offer at #MattingSolutions is that they act as reminders to the users to keep a safe distance from other people, which as we are all now aware, has a number of essential benefits to helping to limit the spread of Covid-19. 

The way the virus is spread is through the transition of human droplets, released through actions such as sneezing, coughing and general close contact, as this is an airborne infection. Maintaining a safe physical distance from others limits the spread of these human droplets, due to the droplets having to travel further to infect the other individuals, therefore minimising the likelihood of contracting Covid-19 and other infections which are airborne. 

Social distancing at 2m in the UK

There have been many investigations to find the safest social boundaries, and different countries use different guidelines, although the UK has chosen to keep social distancing at 2m, as this is much safer than 1m or 1.5m. Scientists in the UK based this guidance on the fact that the spread of droplets is increased when an infected person is only 1m away from others, compared to 2m, by up to 10 times. This is why the our matting is 2m long, to emphasise the important message, further helping to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and other airborne infectious diseases.

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