Why do we need leisure matting?

Our leisure matting range is designed for use in recreational environments, such as leisure centres, horse stables and gyms. The mats create a cushioned surface and offer improved safety by improving grip. There are many reasons leisure matting is needed, and we have set out some of the key reasons below.

Leisure Centres & Gym Matting

Primarily, leisure matting assists with protecting floors and the user, by creating a cushioned surface, helping to absorb impact shocks. It is due to this that our Gym Mat, which is manufactured from 100% closed cell vinyl foam, is increasingly important in environments such as gyms, where there are a mix of both extremely heavy weights and foot traffic. As well as offering protection to floors, the pebbled surface of our Interlocking Gym Tiles provide increased slip-resistance and can also help to reduce noise levels.

Blue mat surrounding a swimming pool

Leisure Centres & Swimming Pool Matting

In addition to protecting floors, our leisure mats offer crucial assistance for avoiding slips and trips in wet environments, such as swimming pools, changing rooms and commercial kitchens, which account for many slip-related accidents. These areas are often very busy, creating a vast range of hazards that could easily be avoided with our RibDeck or Leisure Relief Mat due to the anti-slip top surface, and the flexible PVC which is a hygienic material that is easily cleaned and doesn’t support the growth of bacteria. The diamond pattern on our Flexible Anti-Slip Mat is designed to allow surplus liquid and debris to drain away, instead of resting on the surface, which in turn provides slip-resistance underfoot.

Stable Mats

Another purpose of our leisure matting range is due to the benefits they can provide in environments such as stables and trailers. Our Stable Mat can offer increased warmth, particularly through the winter months, due to the solid rubber acting as a perfect insulator. In addition, the mats can protect the animals, offering protection from hard concrete floors. Finally, the mats can result in a number of cost savings, reducing the bedding required but also saving lots of time on mucking out!

Horse standing on stable mat

If you need any guidance finding the perfect leisure mat for your environment and purpose, please don’t hesitate to contact us!