Where can you install leisure matting?

How do you install our leisure mats?

We have a variety of products in our leisure matting product range and to find out which products are in our range take a look at our latest blog on “what leisure matting is in our range”. All of our leisure mats are in fact loose lay meaning they do not need to be installed in a mat well or stuck to the floor. These mats can simply be positioned on the floor and then moved quickly and easily whenever needed. Choosing a loose lay leisure mat is not only easy to install but is cost-effective in the long run as they can be relocated easily to different areas if required and there is no need to warrant installation by a professional flooring contractor. As well as having loose lay floor mats we also have interlocking tiles that are loose lay and the benefit of these are that they can fill large or irregular spaces by connecting the tiles together.

Where can you install leisure matting?

Our leisure mats can be used in a variety of different applications. For example our Ribdeck, Leisure Relief Mat and Flexible Anti-Slip Matting are ideal mats to be used around swimming pools, gyms, showers, changing rooms and other applications where there is a chance of water on the surface. These mats provide extra grip underfoot to reduce the risk of slipping and tripping on wet floor tiles whilst still remaining comfortable to walk on barefoot. These mats also have holed surfaces which makes it an effective solution as water can easily drain away from the mat towards a nearby drain, increasing the safety further. 

Interlocking Gym Tiles, Gym Mat and Solid Gym Tiles are perfect mats to be located in a public gym, leisure centre or home gym as they provide a protective solution to the actual floor. Dropping weights and excessive wear and tear can quickly ruin the floor however, our gym mats provide a solution to this issue. With these mats predominantly made out of rubber they are incredibly hard wearing and durable so they absorb the impact of weights being dropped as well as increasing safety as they bounce and roll less. Of course we would recommend a thicker mat for the heavier weights being dropped on the floor. 

Our Stable Mat is also an ideal mat to be located in a horse stable, horse trailer, yard flooring or animal shed as the textured finish provides extra comfort for the horse and the horse handler underfoot. On one side of the Stable Mat is a textured surface which provides maximum grip for the animal and the person, on the flip side is a grooved finish to allow for effective drainage of rain, water and other fluid. Not only is this mat easy to install, it also reduces the amount of bedding that is needed to be used as it increases insulation. These mats reduce the amount of dust levels for improved health and can be tightly butted together to cover larger areas and floors.

Need assistance with which leisure mat is right for you?

If you are looking for a leisure mat but not sure which mat is best for you, then please don’t hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to help.