What Leisure Matting do we have?

Leisure matting is matting which can be used for non-work related purposes, for a more detailed description of what these can do see our blog on ‘Why do we need leisure matting?’  The main 3 different types we sell in our Leisure Matting product range are Gym Matting, Swimming Pool Matting and Stable Matting. All of our Leisure Matting can also be cut to size in order to suit your environment, so please get in touch by filling out the “Looking for something more bespoke?” form, at the bottom of our home page.

Gym Matting Range

In our Gym Matting range we have 3 different mats, all coming in different sizes! One of the mats we sell is the standard Gym Mat. The Gym Mat is reversible and comes in a standard size of 1.2m X 1.8m, in two different thicknesses, 12mm and 17mm. We would recommend the use of 17mm thick mats for those who power lift extremely high amounts, but the 12mm thick mats also do a great job of protecting your floors beneath them! 

The second type of gym matting in our range are the Interlocking Gym Tiles. These tiles come in 3 different components, where we have the middle tile, corner tile and edge tiles, helping you to decide how you want to lay out your tiles, to best suit your needs. This also means that if in the future you would like to increase the coverage of your floor, you can simply add more, as the installation of these are extremely easy.

The final type of gym matting in our range are the Solid Gym Tiles, where these are similar to the Gym Mat, in the sense that they are a lay-loose mat, with a main middle mat, but only additional ramped edge components which can be easily installed. The main tile is slightly smaller than the Gym Mat, which can give ease to smaller spaces which need coverage, but they still uphold high durability qualities, similar to the other 2 types of Gym Matting.

Swimming Pool Matting Range

In our range of Swimming Pool Matting, we also have 3 different types of mats, where each type comes in a wide range of colours and sizes. The first mat is the RibDeck, which comes in the colours: Black, Grey, Red, Blue and Green. The RibDeck mat is tested to DIN 51097, meaning that it is an anti-slip mat, helping to prevent trip accidents and hazards. 

Another type of Swimming Pool Matting which we sell at Matting Solutions is the Leisure Relief Mat, which comes in colours Blue, Red and Green. The Leisure Relief Mat is manufactured in the UK, and is made from PVC, allowing the high-quality product to withstand constant use. This mat is also tested to DIN 51097, proving its high anti-slip abilities. 

Blue mat surrounding a swimming pool

The final product in our Swimming Pool range is the Flexible Anti-Slip Mat, which comes in the colours of Black, Grey, Red, Blue and Green. This mat comes in interlocking-tiles format, so is very efficient if the size of the mat you’d like to buy is one size, then decide on changing (either increasing or decreasing) the size of it in the future. Similar to the other 2 Swimming Pool Mats, the Flexible Anti-Slip Mat is tested to DIN 51097, helping prove its deserved title of an anti-slip mat.

Stable Mats Range

In our Stable Mats category we have one product which suits the needs for all horses, helping them to ensure great health benefits rather than laying on hard stable floors! Our Stable Mat comes in either 12mm or 17mm thickness, and only in the colour black. Typically this mat only comes in the size 1.2m X 1.8m, but if necessary mats can be cut to size in order to suit a different sized stable. The extremely-easily installed mats provide a bedding for horses, with a long term effect rather than buying bedding constantly on demand. Also, these mats are easily cleaned and have proven anti-slip qualities.

Person washing horse in stable stood on a Stable Mat