What is Leisure Matting, and how are they installed?

What is Leisure Matting?

Leisure Matting is matting that has been created for use in leisure centres and recreational environments such as gyms, swimming pools and spas. The mats offer additional safety for users by improving grip, especially in wet areas, or by forming a cushioned surface in play areas or gyms.

Our leisure matting range have exceptional drainage qualities that give our clients reassurance that they have purchased a quality product as well as being slip resistant and improving hygiene conditions.

These mats are particularly hard-wearing, they are made of natural rubber which absorbs the impact from heavy sports equipment, insulates noise and protects the floor. They also provide grip and offer athletes a comfortable surface during training.

How are Leisure Mats installed?

Leisure matting can be installed into a variety of applications which vary from swimming pool areas, changing rooms, children’s play areas and many more. Swimming areas would typically use our RibDeck matting to provide an anti slip surface and open holes to aid with drainage. Gym matting is required to help protect the floor coverings from heavy weights and various gym equipment. Not only does our Gym matting protect the floor but it also acts as sound insulation which is particularly useful if the gym is in hotels, offices etc. When using our Gym flooring, such as our popular Solid Gym Tiles it also helps with safety to the public as it helps prevent the risk of injury due to the anti-slip surface to prevent slips and also a soft base underfoot.

Matting Solutions has a wide variety of leisure matting which can be installed in a number of ways which makes us a one stop shop for your area! Whether you are looking for individual gym mats or interlocking tiles for changing rooms we have a number of options available. The advantages of using interlocking tiles is that they are simple to install and they can cover large areas and can go in different directions. There are ramped edges and corners available in the interlocking range to help prevent slip and trip hazards. We also have leisure matting available on a roll that takes very little time to install. Some of our products also come in a variety of colours to help compliment your area.