Why do we need Entrance Matting?

Entrance mats are a vital product required for entrances in buildings. They act as barriers to stop the ingress of dirt and moisture from entering the building. Entrance mats are manufactured from many kinds of materials providing the mat with different characteristics and benefits.

What entrance mat is perfect for you?

Entrance mats can either be used inside an entrance to a building (internally), for example our Microfibre Washable Doormat or outside a building (externally), for example our Multi-Purpose Scrape Doormat. If they are used internally a carpet material is used as this will ensure moisture is removed off pedestrians’ feet when walking through.

If the entrance mat removes the moisture of people’s feet this will help with reducing the risk of slips and trips in the workplace. If a pedestrian walks into a building where there is no entrance mat or there is minimal entrance matting used, it can cause someone to slip which is not only dangerous but this can be very costly to a business.

Externally, rubber entrance mats are used outside the entrances and these tend to have open holes. The purpose of these open holes is to provide drainage for rain water and large bits of dirt to fall through and get ‘caught’ in the holes. Their coarse texture help ensure large parts of dirt is removed which will help as the indoor carpet mat will mainly focus on removing the moisture. This type of entrance mat essentially acts as the first line of defence by stopping mud coming in the building.

What is the purpose of entrance matting?

Entrance mats not only keep your employees or visitors safe but they will also help look after the floor coverings in your building; the reason for this is that entrance mats will trap the dirt and stop it traveling into the building on your large floor covering areas.

So, why buy Entrance Matting from Matting Solutions?

Matting Solutions has a wide variety of entrance mats and entrance matting systems in the range, we offer FREE delivery. Most importantly, because our entrance mats are supplied from the UK, we also have quick lead times.