Where can Entrance mats be used?

Entrance mats can be used in all buildings, every entrance needs an entrance mat!

The first thing you see when you walk into the building is the entrance mat so you want to ensure that you opt for the most appropriate and stylish product. If you are not sure what product to choose, please do not hesitate to ask our experienced team.

Best places for your entrance mat

Whether your entrance is part of a school, retail shop entrance, commercial office block, gym, the list goes on, you need an entrance mat!

We have entrance mats which can be laid to surface which means it lays on top of the existing floor, this may be ceramic tiles, carpet tiles etc. The laid to surface mats come complete with a ramped edge to ensure it is not a trip hazard to the public and makes it easier for wheeled traffic to be driven over the entrance mats.

Inside vs outside door mats

Entrance mats can be used inside the building where the carpet material is used or externally where the rubber material should be chosen to ensure it can cope with the environment and the elements.

At Matting Solutions our large range of entrance mats also come in a variety of colours and sizes which is extremely helpful for all the different environments and entrances where they will be used.