What makes a good entrance mat?

What really makes a good entrance mat is down into the materials that the mat is made out of; since we currently sell over 15 styles of entrance matting, users of Entrance Matting have different expectations and needs from their mat, where hygiene is important for some, may not be as important for the standard door mat. Where no two users are the same, we can supply for ranges of needs, to make sure that you get the most out of your entrance mat. We supply mats with some of the finest materials, ranging from rubber, as a more industrial material, to coir, which is a more general door mat material, so many will wonder what makes a good entrance mat for you.

Materials on a good mat surface:


Coir doormats have proven to be from natural sources, as they are made from coconut shells, meaning that they have abilities to create a brush-like effect when stepping on/off of the mat. This ethically sourced material can be extremely effective for removing dirt and other unwanted substances that can be taken inside through sticking to shoes. 



As a result of the slightly higher cost, the synthetic material is one of the most effective ingredients to entrance matting due to its high durability, which allows it to be walked on consistently whilst keeping its insurance of not breaking. As well as this the mat has a brush-like effect similar to the coir mats, with a greater quality giving it a grand feeling.  


A thermal polymer, with a high melting point, allowing the mats to be used in hot climates without discolouration and deformation. Whilst being a cheap alternative to mats made out of nylon, the material also provides an excellent brushing action against shoes when walked on due to the hard, rough fibres which scrape off dirt and unwanted mud on the bottom of footwear. These mats despite the low costs, have a professional and luxurious aesthetic which is bound to impress, giving perfect uses in hospitality industries, our favourite one we sell is the High Performance Superdry Doormat.

Natural/Nitrile Rubber

Rubber entrance mats have the greatest durability out of all the mats we sell here at Matting Solutions, which is why they are perfectly suited to outside environments, such as the Ringmat – Tough Outdoor Rubber Mat. Also, the greater durability gives a long lifespan for the mats in comparison to other materials which make entrance matting. The rubber mats have holes in the surface, which allows for efficient drainage of liquids, which causes the outside mats to be effective anti-slip mats, as they prevent trips and other hazards. 



Microfibre mats are typically made of polypropylene and Nylon yarn, which makes the fibres extremely thin. These entrance mats have excellent drainage benefits, due to its ability to increase its’ surface area. The drainage benefits can make microfibre useable for doormats, as they can prevent the bringing-in of liquids inside, as they are wiped off the bottom of footwear as they come into contact with the mat. As well as this, the microfibre has great drying abilities, allowing the mat to be as effective in its uses for longer time periods, without becoming wet. Pick up yours in our store today Microfibre Washable Doormat.

Materials on a good mat backing:

Nitrile rubber

Nitrile is the most renowned material on matting backing, mainly due to its hardcore abilities, allowing the mat to withstand lots of different environments. These may include high/low temperatures, or even water/oily conditions which have little effect of the durability of this mat. All these reasons are why nitrile rubber backed mats have a longer lifespan than other materials in the market. One mat containing vinyl backing at Matting Solutions is the Plush Doormat.


PVC is an acronym for Polyvinyl chloride plastic, is a lower cost option which is suitable for most climates and different environments. It is a material which cannot however be used in extremely cold environments, as it is prone to cracking and becoming brittle. Here at Matting Solutions, we sell a PVC backed mat called the Ribbed Carpet Doormat.