How to create a nice reception area for visitors

Have you ever heard of the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’? It is true but it’s hard to resist judging a business by its reception area. Your business’ reception area is the first thing that all visitors will probably see and it can make a big impression to those people that come to visit, whether that be a good thing or a bad thing. 

Whilst waiting for an appointment, a meeting, an interview or anything else they will definitely be judging and forming an opinion on the organisation from what they see in the reception area whilst they wait. In this guide we will give you a few tips on how to create a good first impression to those that enter your building.

Clean and tidy floors

As we have already said, a first impression is everything and can have a huge impact on people’s perceptions of your business. Your entrance way is probably the most used walkway and will receive the highest footfall. Ensuring your entrance way is clean and tidy will be crucial to the visitor’s first impression as they will see this first when they walk through the entrance to the building. It might be worth hoovering, mopping and cleaning this area more frequently to keep it looking its best. You can also use an entrance mat to remove as much mud/dirt as possible before entering the building. We strongly recommend both an outdoor and an indoor entrance mat to keep your entrance and flooring as clean as possible. An outdoor mat removes the bulk of the dirt, mud and snow whereas an indoor entrance mat will soak up moisture and again wipe the soles of the shoes before the person enters the building.

Offer hand sanitiser or a WC for people to wash hands

Offering hand sanitiser or a water closet/toilet for people to wash their hands will also help to create a cleaner environment as people will be likely to clean their hands before they enter the property. This will remove germs and bacteria from anyone entering your property and will make them feel like they are stepping into a clean and safe environment. 

Friendly receptionist who will take care of every visitor

Similarly to having a clean and tidy reception area, a polite and friendly receptionist that is happy to go out of their way to help someone will give a great first impression to that visitor. Ensuring that the visitor is feeling welcome and at ease will help them relax when they are in the building and give off a perception that your company is professional and polite and will give them a good representation of the company.

Offer free refreshments

Another trick or tip that will help make your visitor welcome is by offering them a refreshment whilst they are waiting for their appointment. This comes hand in hand with a friendly receptionist that is willing to make drinks for the person entering the building. Offering a drink can give the feeling that the person is being looked after by not only by the receptionist but also the company itself. 

Hopefully this blog has given you a couple of tips to create a nice reception area for guests or visitors to enter your building. If you use a couple of these tips then we are sure this will make the person coming to your workplace a much more relaxed individual and they are more likely to receive a positive experience of coming to your premises as well as giving them a positive connotation of your business.

Make space and have a minimalist reception area

A cluttered, crowded reception area will not put visitors at ease and make them relax. Instead, a cramped space will reflect negatively on your business, indicating that your space is extremely limited and that you might be disorganised. While few small and medium sized businesses have the budget for a large, elegant waiting area, there are some steps you can take to make your reception feel bigger:

  • Remove the clutter – If your reception area doubles as a space for files, stationery and other business needs, find an alternative location or concealed solution for this material it will really impact the visitors impressions if they see it as a cluttered environment. 

  • Minimise magazines – While a few business provide magazines, brochures or other forms of reading material, take care not to swamp your reception with too many magazines. A small, regularly refreshed collection will be ample.

  • Cut the counter – If your space is too small for a reception desk, you don’t need to force one into it to make it fit. Consider opting for a mounted tablet where guests can check in easily?

  • Finetune furniture – Minimise your furniture, whilst ensuring your reception area remains comfortable and relaxing for the visitor whilst they wait. Hopefully, your guests won’t spend a great deal of time waiting, so downsize reception furniture to a few sleek, simple chairs in order to maximise space and keep it minimalistic.