Where can cable protectors be used?

Our range of cable protectors can help to prevent cables, wires or pipes from being damaged or causing trips, acting as ramp-like features with small spaces underneath them which are capable of holding a number of cables. The cable protectors can be used in a number of different places, but where are they most useful?

Factories or warehouses

Cable protectors are most commonly found in factories and warehouses, where there can be hundreds of cables and wires throughout the building. Our Heavy Duty Cable Protector has been designed for industrial use and use around heavy operating machinery, with a high-resistance non-slip surface and reducing wear and tear on all cables, wires and hoses. In addition to protecting the cables that they are covering, they also reduce trip hazards for the workforce, making it a safer environment for all.

Schools or offices

Schools and offices have cables and wires throughout all spaces, for all of their electrical equipment and other things, such as cleaning supplies. In addition to our cable protectors acting as an easy solution to avoid health and safety hazards, such as our Cable Protector Mat, which can be placed on any surface including carpets or hard floors, they can also help to keep wires separate and prevent any tangling, helping to keep them secured and tidy. Our Cable Protector Data is low rise and highly flexible, allowing for foot traffic to pass without causing any disruption or hazards.

Walkways and other public places

Places such as exhibitions, sporting events and festivals are always full of electrical equipment, which, in addition to the frequent foot traffic from the public, fans and supporters, can lead to multiple health and safety concerns for organisers, as well as wires being crushed, pulled or worn down, ultimately leading to huge increase in costs. Our Heavy Duty Cable Protector or Cable Protector Pro could be the perfect solution to these problems, offering heavy duty protection with a ramped edge, allowing for safe crossings for everyone.

Whatever temporary or permanent solution you need for your workspace or event, we will have the product for you. If you would like any further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or read any of our other blogs relating to our cable protector range!