What Cable Protectors do we have in our range?

Matting Solutions have a variety of cable protectors available, they vary in size to accommodate most cable sizes and come in a variety of lengths. They are manufactured from PVC, so where required they can be cut on site. 

Our cable protectors are manufactured in the UK and readily available. 

The difference in our cable protectors is mentioned below with some easy to use diagrams.

Cable Protector Data:

Data 1: 

As you can see from the image below our Cable Protector, Data 1 has two channels for the wires to pass through, the seam underneath helps with placing the cable through the product. 

Diagram showing lengths of Data 1 cable protector


Data 2: 

Again, this product has two channels, but one is slightly larger than the other.


Diagram showing lengths of Data 2 cable protector

Cable Protector Pro:

Normal: Size of the channel is 14mm x 8mm. Please note, these measurements do have a slight tolerance. 

This range is available as a 3m or 9m length either black only or black/yellow.

Diagram showing lengths of Normal Cable protector pro


Large: Larger channel for cables which can fit a tube or cable at 30mm wide x 10mm thick. 

Again this is available in 3m or 9 lengths, black only or black with yellow lining to prevent any hazards.

Diagram showing lengths of large Cable protector pro

Heavy Duty Cable Protector:

Our Heavy duty Cable Protector is available in two different styles at both at two different lengths. 

One Duct: This is available at either 3m or 9m lengths and is extremely heavy duty. The channel is 23mm in diameter. 

Diagram showing lengths of one duct heavy duty cable protector


Two Duct: This Cable Protector is available in 4.5m or 9m lengths with two channels available both at 23mm in diameter. Again, underneath the cable protector you can see the seam to help place the cables within the channels. 


Diagram showing lengths of two ducked heavy duty cable protector

Cable Protector Mat:

This Cable protector is a perfect solution for offices or retail areas where style is important. The cable protector mat is complete with a durable nitrile back to ensure minimal movement. It comes with a channel underneath for the cables to lay. It is also suitable for conditions such where there is underfloor heating. The black and yellow ramped edge helps with visibility and to ensure there is no trip hazard underfoot.