What are Cable Protectors, and what are their benefits?

What are cable protectors?

There is no doubt that health and safety regulators across the globe use cable protectors for an extreme amount of benefits to the workplace, but to introduce, what actually are cable protectors? To put it simply they are a material that lies over cables, wires, pipes, hoses and many other industrial tubing. They’re usually hump/ramp shaped, allowing for cables to flow underneath. This therefore helps to prevent any damage to the industrial tubing, as they are made out of durable and stable materials.

What are the benefits of using cable protectors?

You may wonder what are the benefits of having cable protectors in the workplace. The first benefit is in the name in that they provide a protection to cables that run through the protector. The protectors ensure the cables are ot walked on, pulled on, ripped or damaged by people stepping or pulling on them. 

Another key benefit is that these protectors also organise and make the office or workplace look a lot tidier as these give the wires a flush finish and make the environment look less cluttered. 

As well as making the environment look tidier and less cluttered, cable protectors also increase the safety in the workplace as people are less likely to trip over loose wires. Included in our cable protector range, the Cable Protector Pro and the Cable Protector Mat also have a yellow tread option. This makes it more visible to be careful around the cable protector as it will be more obvious that there are wires underneath.

Why are our cable protectors perfect for you?

All of our cable protectors also have ramped edging to decrease the chance of tripping as much as possible, which have proven to build up costs to employers in the UK. Even though there will still be a slight increase in height these ramped edges should make a difference to the amount of people that trip over the protector but it will definitely decrease the amount of people that would trip if it was loose wires in the way. The ramped edging is also a vital feature as it makes it a lot easier for people to transport forklifts, sack barrows and trolleys over the wires without the need to lift or maneuver awkwardly.  As well as this, many of our cable protectors have yellow lines on to bring attention which makes them stand out to help prevent any trips, such as the Cable Protector Pro. There are also other cable protectors with hazardous tape on the edges.

All of our cable protectors are incredibly easy to install as they are loose lay, meaning they do not have to be stuck or mounted to the floor they can be positioned on their own and won’t move. They are suitable for almost every environment indoors to increase safety. Typical applications include offices, schools, exhibitions, public places and many more. To find out if our cable protectors would suit your environment visit our “where to put cable protectors blog”. 

If you need any further assistance on how the installation of a cable protector can increase the safety and tidiness of your workplace then please contact us to see how we could help.