What is Anti-Slip matting and why are these useful?

What is Anti-Slip matting?

Anti-Slip matting is loose lay floor products which are used in order to prevent any trips, falls and of course slips! Our Anti-Slip matting products can be used anywhere which suits you best, but typically these mats are used in wet or oily environments, where trips and falls are more likely to occur. 

Anti-Slip mats are commonly made of rubber, as this material is ideal for preventing trips, for example our Ribbed Anti-Slip Mat. As well as this we have many Anti-Slip Mats that have holed surfaces, this is beneficial as the debris and liquids being spilled in work environments can be collected, and fall down the mat, which allows them to have more anti-slip qualities.

Why is preventing slips and trips good for employers and users?

There is lots of evidence to suggest that trips and slips at work are very expensive for employers, as according to the Health & Safety Executive it can cost employers in the UK up to £500 million per year! Additionally, the cost to the individual are mostly non-financial such as the pain and reduced quality of life, hopefully short term. Additionally, the cost to the overall society can reach up to £800 million per year, which is an extreme amount!

These figures go on to prove the realisation that trips can cost a fortune to the employers, thus explaining why anti-slip mats are so beneficial to them. For more information on why you need an anti-slip mat, check out our blog.

No area should be overlooked for anti-slip matting, whether you are on a construction site, catering environment or a in a warehouse, there is always a need for anti-slip matting. For any unique and specific