Typical applications of our anti-slip range

With the main benefit of our anti-slip range reducing the amount of slips and trips it is important to note the ideal and typical applications of where these products are used. Predominantly these products are located in areas where the risk of slips and trips is more likely to occur in both indoor and outdoor environments and located in mainly wet or oily environments such as in certain manufacturing areas, behind bars, catering environments, ski resorts, bridges, ramps, stairs, decking and walkways. However, we do have certain products that are specifically designed for certain applications so take a look at which products suit certain applications.

Walkways and Larger areas

We have a few mats that are ideal for reducing slips for walkways including the AntiSlip Grit, Ribbed Anti-Slip and Anti-Slip Grip Mat. These mats are ideal for covering large areas or walkways because they come in large tiles that can be tightly positioned together to cover even larger areas. They also have different surface finishes to add grip underfoot. Other applications for these products include large ramps, decking, construction sites, scaffolding and many more.

Anti Slip Grip Mat running across a walkway bridge

Added grip on steps and stairs

In our range we have products specifically designed for adding grip around steps, ladders and stair nosing including; Anti-Slip Grip Stair Tread, Anti-Slip Grip Stair Nosing and Ali-Anti Stair Grip. These products tend to have a gritty surface finish to provide extra grip and ensure there is no movement underfoot and are in hazardous colour to highlight to the user that there is a step there and to be cautious. We also have Anti-Slip Comfortable Tape and Anti-Slip Tape that can be used on stairs, ladders, vehicles and anywhere where you want to add a strip of extra grip to ensure people don’t slip.