How to install anti-slip matting and what products do we sell?

How to install anti-slip matting

Anti slip matting can be installed into any area and Matting Solutions has a wide variety of matting options to suit many applications and environments. Should you have an external environment such as a fire escape, we have a variety of GRP anti slip coverings such as our anti-slip grip stair treads and to compliment this product we also have sheeting to cover larger walk ways called Anti-slip grip mat. These can be simply installed using a suitable adhesive or mechanically fixed using a diamond tip drill and counter sunk screws.

What products do we have in our portfolio?

Working on a construction site can be dangerous, but Matting Solutions have a product that is suitable for this sector called HighVis Path. This is a bright yellow safe walkway mat that can be simply laid to the floor, the colour helps keep workers to the designated route and the diamond patterned top surface helps with anti-slip underfoot. 

Not only do we offer matting and floor covering, but we have a range of anti slip tapes that have an adhesive backing and can be simply stuck to the existing floor coverings. The gritted surface can help prevent workers from slipping and can be easily removed if and when no longer required.

Should you require further information regarding the installation of our Anti-slip grip range, please do not hesitate to contact us!