What are the benefits of anti-fatigue mats?

The use of all anti-fatigue mats has shown extreme differences in the health of those who have used them. When standing up for long periods of time, especially on hard, cold, concrete floors, it is proven that the chances of poor posture in the future is increased, which can in turn lead to bone and muscle problems, such as osteoporosis and musculoskeletal disorders and also puts the circulatory system under pressure. There are not many ways of getting around this problem, with sitting down may be the only resolution in the past. However, modern technology has allowed for the life-changing anti-fatigue mats to be made and sold, for reasonable pricing, which has proven to help many people in the workplace.

Research behind anti-fatigue mats

Studies have shown that 68% of all people who stand up for prolonged time in different working environments have found that using anti-fatigue mats has had a positive effect on well being of staff, and a positive impact on their working life. Also studies have shown that 20% of workers in Europe experience muscular pain, nearly 25% suffer back pain and 50% have complained about working in painful/tiring positions.

Man with back pain

Main benefits of anti-fatigue mats

The main benefits of the use of the anti-fatigue mats when working stood up over long periods of time are that it can help to reduce: muscular pains in the back, feet and legs; aches and stiffness; varicose veins risks; circulation problems by reducing blood pooling, where blood sits in the valve pockets in veins, preventing blood flow and blood circulation; and risks of serious health conditions. These mats also reduce fatigue in the workplace for employees, helping them to keep working without the heavy feel of legs, something which many can agree is not a comfortable feeling.

Slip resistant anti-fatigue mats

The unspoken benefit of a number of anti-fatigue matts in our range is the fact that they are also non-slip, which has the effect of preventing work accidents such as slips and trips. This means that slippery surfaces can be resolved as well as providing health benefits for all workers. The majority of our anti-fatigue mats are made from textured rubber materials and have a range of different surface finishes that can become naturally grippy, to ensure safety for anybody standing on these mats for extended periods of time.

Man standing on a black and yellow deluxe workplace anti-fatigue mat

If you are looking to increase the health and safety of your workplace, we would strongly recommend looking into our anti-fatigue range. We have many different mats in our range, that are suitable for different environments. If you need help then please contact us and we would be more than happy to help.