What Anti-Fatigue Mat should I choose?

Wondering what anti-fatigue mat is right for your workplace? Then look no further than our guide to help find the right solution for your working environment. 

Trying to determine which anti-fatigue matting is suitable can be a bit of a minefield. At Matting Solutions we pride ourselves on having a large variety of ‘matting solutions’ for many applications! However, due to the large range of products available it can be quite confusing to find out what mat is right for you. As you can see from our anti-fatigue matting range, we have three different options available. We have specific sized mats that are suitable for work benches or areas where people are standing still for a long period of time, interlocking tiles to provide a solution for large, unique areas and also anti-fatigue mats that come in rolls to cover large production lines or to be cut to size.

A guide to choosing the right anti-fatigue mat

What impact does the environment you are placing your anti-fatigue mat impact the mat you choose.

Your first thought in the process should be to look at the specific area and environment where you are looking to install an anti-fatigue mat. Generally, products with a ‘solid surface’ are more suitable for areas which are dry and ‘open holed’ mats are suitable for wet areas as liquids can drain through the matting and prevent any slips or trips. Are you looking at production areas where workers are standing in one specific position all day? Do you work in an engineering workshop where there are different chemicals and oils and a matting solution is required to prevent workers slipping? If the answer to these questions are yes then we would recommend our Woven PVC Anti-Fatigue Mat as it has open holes for drainage and is also oil resistant.

Foam anti-fatigue matting products

Our foam anti-fatigue matting which includes all of our ‘Orthomat’ product names is also perfect for applications where workers are standing in the same position all day on a cold concrete floor however, this mat is specifically designed for a dry environment. Our Orthomat Anti-Fatigue products will provide relief to employee’s feet and help stimulate blood circulation around the body, this will in turn help combat Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD’s) as well as having many other benefits.

Mats, rolls or interlocking tiles?

When looking at other applications, such as distribution centres or warehouses, we would recommend either rolls or modular tiles as they are perfect for these larger areas. Our modular tiles, such as the Anti-Fatigue Step Tiles or the Bubbled Detail Anti-Fatigue Interlocking Tiles, also come with an option of black or yellow (hazard) ramped edging which are more suitable for trolleys to run over, as well as increasing the awareness of the mat and therefore reducing the trip hazard. Most of our anti-fatigue mats can come in lengths of up to 18.3m so take a look in the specific product page and explore the size dropdown list if it is a whole roll you are looking for.

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Of course, if you would like to know any further information about our products, or are struggling to find the right anti-fatigue solution for your company, please do not hesitate to contact us at Matting Solutions and we would be more than happy to help.