Ways to improve productivity at work

Many employers love to see their employees working harder and being more effective during working hours, so that long working days are not part of their lives, however the reality of doing this is often near to impossible to some, so here are some tips for you to use to help improve your productivity at work.

1. External stimuli

If you’re an extrovert, meaning you seek external stimuli in order to be fully productive, then the phased returning to offices may be something which can help you to become better at work. There is of course science behind this, where studies have been completed to show that individuals who generally have extrovert personality traits can increase their capacity for productivity in the workforce, when with others. 

Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, many working from home are looking forward to going back to their offices and other workplaces, so that they can get back to a sense of normality and being back with their co-workers which they may have missed.

2. Create a To-Do List

Creating a To-Do List at the beginning of each working day/or at the end of the previous working day has proven to increase the productivity of the individual for that working day. The reason behind the improved productivity is that a To-Do List can help give a sense of focus for the working day and help keep the individual in-line for the rest of the working day, as they have goals/targets which they aim to achieve throughout. 

3. Taking rest breaks

Taking rest breaks helps the mind to become into a moment of peace between high intensity brain work of thinking and working. This peace and de-stressing of the brain allows for an increased capacity of using the brain when returning to work, which allows further to improve productivity, which is done by allowing increased concentration and creativity coming from the breaks. Both refreshing and refuelling the mind can be done by simple tasks such as a short walk outside, exercise, yoga, meditation, eating, and many other ways.

4. Standing up Vs. Sitting down

The commonly debated subject of whether sitting down or standing to work is more effective for the individual in terms of their productivity is one which generally comes down to the individual. Sitting down is a great way to take the pressure off of the lower back and legs, however, standing on one of our anti-fatigue mats is a great way to allow you to stand whilst reducing the stress on your joints, such as the knees. A great mat which suits the style of most workplaces is our Ultimate Orthomat Anti-Fatigue. Standing whilst working is a great way to burn calories whilst doing minimal work, helping to improve overall health, as well as improving concentration for boosted productivity.

5. Sleep well the night before

As simple as it sounds, getting between 7-9 hours sleep is proven to help productivity at work. Did you know that 42% of workers in production-focused industries report they get less than 7 hours of sleep per night? The reason why sleep is so important is that it helps the mind and body recharge from a working day, which helps during the day to make you feel more refreshed and alert, as well as increasing the concentration, thus improving the productivity of many workers if they get the recommended amount of sleep.