Our best selling anti-fatigue mats

At Matting Solutions, we pride ourselves on our product quality and customer satisfaction. We offer a diverse range of anti-fatigue mats that cater for all needs, whether that be for commercial or personal use.  

Our most successful range is the anti-fatigue matting range. The anti-fatigue mat is exactly what it says:


antipreposition – opposed to; against

fatigue – noun – extreme tiredness resulting from physical exertion

Using the latest technology from our trusted suppliers, Matting Solutions is able to offer the highest quality and most hardwearing anti-fatigue mats on the market.

Our top selling anti-fatigue mat

The most popular anti-fatigue product is the Orthomat range which is bespoke from one our of suppliers. We have a diverse range of designs available to suit different environments. The Premium and Ultimate Orthomat anti-fatigue mats are designed to reduce fatigue from standing for long periods, as well providing extreme comfort, but in many cases also helps to reduce the risk of slipping through a variety of textured top surfaces. Both the Premium and Ultimate mats have ramped edges to reduce the risk of tripping.

Second top selling anti-fatigue mat

Our Bubbled Detailed Anti-Fatigue Mat has also been a great success, as they provide added health benefits with the bubbled detailing. The small bubbles stimulate the feet and legs which aid blood flow, and the underfoot cushioning makes the mat extremely comfortable to stand on for long periods of time. The bubble matting range is very versatile, not only is it available in black, but as an optional extra, a bright yellow edging can be applied to help comply with Health & Safety regulations. The versatility of the mat means that it can be purchased as a singular product, or as a part of a modular chain, making it ideal for an intensive workline when employees are standing for long periods of time, and to help with productivity in the workplace.

Third top selling anti-fatigue mat

The last anti-fatigue matting product we focus on is the Deluxe Workplace Anti-Fatigue Mat. This mat has been welcomed predominantly by the hospitality trade. A hard, durable anti-fatigue mat that excels in a wet environment. Mainly used in wet and hazardous areas, such as behind bars and wet industrial workstations. The mat is anti slip with additional tapered edges to reduce the risk of tripping and stumbling.

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