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Gym Matting

We have a range of special floor protection rubber mats and interlocking tiles for protecting your flooring and to reduce noise from dropping gym equipment.

Whether you are looking for gym mats for commercial use in a leisure centre or for personal use in a home gym, we are sure we have a solution for you!

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About Matting Solutions

Hello and welcome to Matting Solutions Ltd. We are a commercial, industrial and domestic matting supplier with a wide range of experience in the matting industry. At Matting Solutions, the clue is in our name in that we find a ‘matting solution’ to fit your purpose and your needs. We are passionate about providing all of our UK customers with excellent service and we pride ourselves on the price, speed of delivery and unrivalled quality of our products. We are passionate and enthusiastic about helping our customers find the right solution and product to improve all aspects of their matting experience, from the aesthetics/decor to helping improve our customers’, and possibly even their customers’, health and safety.


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